You're invited to become a co-author in a #1 Best Selling Book Series with a Celebrity business Leader.

  • Get published alongside bright and successful business leaders like yourself as well as celebrity(s) as seen on TV.
  • Learn how to turn your book into a marketing soldier for your business and life purpose!
  • Double your return on investment when you resell your book. (Instant income streams!)
  • Most importantly, share your story with the world while being seen on Amazon and massively increasing your exposure.

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Success Driven Business Owners, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders...

Moxie Talk Publishing is now accepting applications for our much-anticipated 1st book of a series: Going Moxie: How to step out in Faith and Achieve Radical Success . Click here to learn more about our book project and how YOU can be a part of it. Only 20 spots remain! Limited seating.

IMAGINE What This Kind of Exposure and Platform Can Do to Spread Your Message and Attract Your Ideal Client.

At Moxie Talk Publishing, we are dedicated to providing success driven business owners like YOU with a high-profile platform to share their wisdom and message in front of a global audience eager to receive it.

The ideal audience, the platform and the transformational messaging that attracts your ideal client directly to your door –that’s what sets Moxie Talk Publishing apart. At Moxie Talk Publishing, you get so much more than just a chapter in a book. You get the exposure you need to thrive in your online business and attract the ideal clients you are meant to serve while being guided and taught by a marketing leader with over 20 years of experience in the publishing, marketing, sales and online business world!

When you choose to become a published author with Moxie Talk Publishing, you are partnering with celebrity adored author and leading voice in online publishing and business. Our in-depth publishing packages merge founder Crystal O'Connor's collaborative marketing and list-building model with a proven success record in creating buzz around her projects.

Elevate to the highest level of professional Brand Exposure as a revered Author with Moxie Talk Publishing. Be an Author in a promising #1 Best Selling Book Series with a secret Celebrity Leader seen on TV. Going Moxie: How to Step out in Faith and Achieve Radical Success. You're invited to become a co-author in a #1 Best Selling Book Series with a Celebrity business Leader.

Let's amplify your exposure now!

Moxie Talk Publishing provides mission-driven entrepreneurs, business leaders, coaches, healers and speakers with an empowering message to share THE ultimate publishing, marketing and list-building formula. As the leader in online multimedia marketing for entrepreneur's and small business owners, Celebrity endorsed author of Unleash Your Moxie and List-Building Catalyst Crystal O'Connor knows what you need to bring your compelling message out of the shadows and in front of the people YOU are meant to serve.

Our print and online publishing package is perfect for the entrepreneur ready to rise to the highest level of brand exposure. Want to amplify your mission-driven business and grow your list while transforming the lives of others? If you said YES, our Going Moxie: How to Step out in Faith and Achieve Radical Success print and online marketing publishing package series is perfect for you.


  • What it would feel like to say Yes, I am a published author with the leader in the women’s business multimedia publishing genre ( a 3 time Celebrity endorsed book with New York Times Bestsellers & Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran, Fearless Ambition Magazine, Business leader/Coach and creator of the Moxie Talk teleseminar series). That's more powerful than saying you’re self-published.
  • Want consistent high-profile exposure over six months, in front of your ideal audience, and across multiple platforms could do for YOUR BRAND? Your message is meant to be heard and we have the audience and platform to amplify your message.
  • Being able to intimately connect with your ideal female audience who are interested in personal development, self-discovery, conscious business, natural health and wellness and mindset and success principles. Women eager for YOUR wisdom and message.
  • Being part of Publisher Crystal O'Connor's PRIVATE Moxie Talk Publishing Author Facebook Group dedicated to supporting authors in enhancing blog traffic and comments, growing their Facebook and Twitter platform and forming collaborative partnerships. A powerful community of like-minded Entrepreneur's who are eager to support each other using my proven collaborative model.
  • Instant credibility and possible (highly likely) #1 Best Seller status on Amazon. This is like owning prime real estate. No one can take that away from you and let's face it, everyone is impressed.
  • The exposure and buzz that speaking in the well-branded and highly marketed, Going Moxie Book Series, alongside your co-authors and some special surprise guests, would generate. Priceless Exposure and List-Building Opportunity!
  • Receiving referrals to virtual speaking events, radio shows and collaborative projects that are a match for YOUR message and mission. Publisher Crystal O'Connor is one of the industry’s go-to referral source when hosts are searching for experts like YOU. Benefiting from Publisher Crystal O'Connor's
  • Benefiting from Publisher Crystal O'Connor's proven online strategies and mission-driven, quick list-building model that has catapulted her brands and that of her clients, to a global audience now reaching over 30 countries loyal readers and listeners as well as over 25,000 social media fans. Her online marketing model is integrated throughout the Going Moxie project.
  • The exposure and list-building results you will receive as part of a high profile book launch that features Succcessful business owners, bloggers and social media crusaders.
  • The opportunity* to interact with Moxie Talk Publishing sister brands: Moxie Entrepreneur, Moxie Talk TeleSummit series & Fearless Ambition Magazine. (You have an empowering message to share we have the audience eager to hear it.)

Those Benefits are Priceless! Let's now add the brand-enhancing exposure and a team of experienced professionals working for your book and list-building success including…

  • Your very own Publisher – with a proven track record for creating high impact marketing and making a massive difference in entrepreneur's lives. The costs of publishing a high-quality book and marketing it at the highest level is not child's-play. (The value of working with a publisher is PRICELESS.)
  • Online | Offline Marketing & List-Building Catalyst – Publisher Crystal O'Connor's proven collaborative list-building model has catapulted and its sister brands to the forefront of their genre and Crystal's private marketing clients pay upwards of four figures to work with her.
  • Expert Professional Book Editor – the cost of a professional manuscript editor, not a copy-editor, is out of reach for the average author and can cost as high as $5,000 depending on the scope of the project. (MTPs talented book editor will guide you through your writing process.)
  • Marketing Copywriter – finding a niche copywriter who understands your product and knows how to connect with YOUR book’s audience can average an upwards of $300 or more. (Your ILP Publishing, Marketing and List-building package includes high-quality pre-written web, email and social media promotions, editorial descriptions, and so much more!)
  • Graphic Design Team – The cost of a professional book cover design and interior layout can cost thousands of dollars. Add to that all the other professional graphics needed for top quality book marketing campaign including: Going Moxie banners, logos, mastheads, web graphics, social media graphics, book signing posters and more, and we're looking at over $5,000. (Your MTP List-building and Publishing package includes a professionally produced Going Moxie graphics package.)
  • Web Designer & Online Strategist – a web designer & online strategist that fully understands the book marketing industry is a must for all authors and can cost upward of $3,500 and more. (Your MTP Marketing, Publishing and List-building package provides you with the high-quality webpage templates and graphics your team needs to create a professional book sales and landing page on your website.)
  • Public Relations – hiring a public relations company, one familiar with book publishing and your target audience, to write your press releases can cost upwards of $1,000 and more. (Your MTP Publishing and List-building package includes two professionally written press-releases to announce your achievement to the press.)
  • Book Promotion Specialist – you could pay upwards of $10,000 for an Amazon bestseller book launch and full campaign with 100 quality launch partners or more. At MTP it’s part of the package of your package! We handle it all.

To be featured on....

IMPORTANT DETAIL: As YOUR publisher we will also take care of
Kindle/Mobi book, ISBN Assignment, U.S. Copyright Registration, Library of Congress Control Number; Sales page on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, Google/Amazon Search Program and so much more.



As you can see we've offered tens of thousands of dollars worth of expert services and brand exposure! Now that you know all the BENEFITS of publishing with Moxie Talk Publishing, sign up for more info!

18 Available!
Cover & Full Marketing Package Includes...

- Your chapter of 2200 words.
- Your picture and name on the front cover w/ celebrity Author & Co-Authors.
- Professional copyediting and proofreading services.
- Professional front cover & back cover design and layout.
- Professional book formatting, layout, production and book printing.
- Co-Author project kick off tele-class on How to Write a MOXIE and compelling chapter.
- 6 Months of Moxie Inner Circle to help you get ready for marketing your book.
- Going Moxie electronic distribution version (e-book and Kindle version) available for you to sell for additional revenue.
- Library of Congress Control Number ISBN # registration.
- Author page at the end of your chapter with 190 word bio including contact info., website and professional photo.
- Professional PR release.

* Super BONUS- Featured speaker in online Tele-Summit with interview shared throughout list and social media.

* Super BONUS - Guest Pass for each LIVE Event and in person two-day business & marketing event in the next year.

Pay in Full - $1997
4 Payment Option - 4 pymts of $499.25

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10 Available!
Marketing Author Package Includes...

- Going Moxie electronic cover graphic jpg to promote your book through your website, ezines, social networking sites, eblasts and blogs etc.
- Professionally written short book description you can use to promote your book.
- Your chapter of 2200 words.
- Professional copyediting and proofreading services.
- Professional front cover & back cover design and layout.
- Professional book formatting, layout, production and book printing.
- Co-Author project kick off tele-class on How to Write a MOXIE and compelling chapter.
- 3 Months of Moxie Inner Circle to help you get ready for marketing your book and business.
- Going Moxie electronic distribution version (e-book and Kindle version) available for you to sell for additional revenue.
- Library of Congress Control Number ISBN # registration.
- Author page at the end of your chapter with 190 word bio including contact info., website and professional photo.
- Submission on Amazon, Kindle, Nook | Barnes & Noble (tentatively).
- Receive 50 books to resale upfront for $20.
- Right to purchase and all future copies of your book "at cost" from us at $7 and resale online/offline for as much as $20.

Pay in Full- $997
3 Payment Option- 3 Pymts of $332

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Additional Details...

For an extra fee, you can also choose additional services such as ghostwriting services.

We reserve the right not to publish your chapter as our sole discretion. Should we choose not to publish it after we have reviewed it you understand you will receive a full refund of your payment. However, if you do not meet the final submission deadline (30 days after your payment), you do not receive a full refund. We will apply the fee to a future book however.

Take action now and begin your Author journey to share your story with the world and catapult your success in 2015!

Q: What are the benefits of being an author of a co-author book as opposed to just publishing my own?
A: Let's just be honest. It's very difficult to step away from your business long enough to write a whole book. This of course would be different if you had an advance from a major publisher but that's rate. The truth is, even if you had a completed proposal and an agent less than 1% of new author proposals are accepted each year. The time consumption along with major effort involved in writing your own book AND hunting down your own agent your business would sadly suffer a significant loss of revenue.
So, let's go over the benefits that far outweigh the disadvantages. First of all, the biggest advantage of a co-author book is that it positions you as a top leader in your industry. Secondly, the marketing efforts of several authors working together to market your book far exceeds what you could do alone. This triples and speeds the exposure you'll receive in your business. IT's like marketing on steroids. This co-author route also expedites the entire process of book writing, editing and planning out structure that can many times take up to a year or even longer.
In fact, in the time it would take you to write just a few chapters you will have a book in your hands and on amazon to market and sell. It's that fast!

Q: Who holds the copyright on the book?
A: YOU do ....on your own chapter. You can even expand your chapter into your own book later if you'd like.

Q: Will there be an e-book version?
A: Yes, there will be an e-book you can sell on your website, sell at your programs or even send to your clients as a value-added gift. There are many ways to use the electronic version to promote your business. You can even keep 100% of the revenue you generate.

Q: What if I don't have enough time to even write one chapter?
A: That's no problem! We have a ghostwriter on the project and they can write your chapter for you for a reasonable extra cost. She can write your chapter from scratch, pull from your content, interview you and then write your chapter in a jiffy.

Q: How does this investment compare with just doing my own book publishing?
A: Through being part of this joint project, we are printing many more books than what you would order. With that being the case, we are getting each book significantly reduced in price. You would have to spend approx. $20k to get this same low cost per book/unit. It's truly a win-win!

Here are a few averages in costs you would expect to pay in a typical book process:

Editing $1500-$3,000
Proofreading $1,000-$2,000
Book Interior design/layout $2,000-$4,000
Cover, back cover/spine design $500-2,500
Total: $5,000- $11,500

The numbers above do not include printing costs. This project will save you time, effort, expenses for a project manager, a copy editor, proofreaders, a book designer, a graphic designer and a production manager, as well as a extensive experience and commitment to creating a professional high-quality, high content product.

One of the biggest reasons I'm making this project available to business owners and entrepreneurs is for the very reasons you see above. It's just smart business and VERY smart marketing.

Meet the Publisher

Crystal O'Connor is the founder and CEO of the Moxie Entrepreneur, a marketing & media company. Starting her business from scratch she is known as the queen of Rapid Cash Infusions. She alone is responsible for over $30 Million Dollars in sales over the last 20 years. She's taught thousands of small business owners how to create outrageously profitable businesses via sales and marketing strategies.

Having worked with big companies like Disney to small start-up's ran by the Solopreneur's ...she supports, coaches and teaches thousands of entrepreneur's enrolled in her wealth & business programs. She's developed razor sharp marketing campaigns to sky-rocket business growth fast and can teach you how to do it too.

Known for her signature products and programs like the Rapid Cash Infusion and Moxie Money Making Blueprint, she teaches Entrepreneurs simple & effective ways to market & promote their businesses at every level. Crystal is passionate about helping the female Entrepreneur in their quest for time and financial freedom.